Electronics supplier since 1969

Sincotron was founded in Stockholm in 1969 as a spin-off company of a packaging company called Sincopak. During its first 15 years its operations expanded to all the Nordic countries. In 1984 the company became a part of the American Dover Corporation. Sinctron was bought from the Dover Corporation by its acting board of directors in 1995, when the company took on the name Sincotron again. At that time the ownership of the company was equally divided between a former CEO Timo Luotola, the CEO of the time, Pehr Nordman, and the founder, Anders Karström. Karström retired in 2000 and sold his share. In 2005 Timo Luotola also left his post and his share was redeemed by Pehr Nordman. Also Nordman successfully negotiated a deal with the Swedish parent company for the remaining capital stock of Sincotron and for the Finnish and Baltic business activities. The deal was clinched in March 2005. Later that same year Sincotron set up a stencil factory in Estonia. In 2006 Sincotron expanded its operation to Sweden.

The Company

Throughout our nearly 50-year history our operations have always been based on reliability, stability and most of all on the long-term relationships we have with our customers and suppliers. We currently employ a staff of 16 operating in Finland, Sweden and the Baltic states.

Our values


Right quality for right customers, fulfilling their requirements.
Keeping promises for customer and colleagues.

Respect and honestly:

Respecting customers, suppliers and colleagues.
Respect our environment and nature.


Educate our selves to get new innovated ideas.
We need to continuously develop our company process’s and ourselves.
If we don’t develop, we regress.

Our Suppliers

We aim to offer our clients only products that perfectly fit their needs. This encourages us to work closely with our customers and calls for vast knowledge of their operations. With our excellent product training we ensure that our clients get the most use of our products. We offer our clients a wide selection of electronics products varying from production materials, tools and individual machines to entire production lines. Our suppliers are all well renowned and carefully hand picked professionals in the field of electronics.

Our Products and Services

Our wide selection of products includes, for example:
Production equipment of electronics:

  • Stencils
  • Tools
  • Production lines and equipment
  • Testing equipment
  • Programs for planning and administrating production
  • Process materials
  • Tools for process monitoring and development
  • Equipment for storing and handling materials
  • Maintenance services
  • Applications and Process
  • Training
  • Spare parts

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