Camalot Dispensers

Speed, stability, and precision are hallmarks of CAMALOT automated dispensing systems. Innovative gantry designs even in smaller, more compact footprints enable rapid acceleration for faster throughput, while at the same time providing bedrock stability that enables the highest level of precision for applications ranging from solder paste to underfill to adhesive dispensing and advanced ‘jetting’ techniques.

About Camalot

Founded as the Knight Tool Company in 1976, by Patricia and Bill Cavallaro.  Camalot developed automated liquid dispensing equipment for the printed circuit board, semiconductor, hybrid, automotive, industrial and medical industries.  Knight Tool pioneered the first “automated” liquid dispensing system: for producing temporary solder mask for the printed circuit board industry.  In 1987, Camelot (as it was branded then) made its initial foray in electronics assembly under the leadership of Ken Cavallaro (Bill and Patricia’s son) through the design of an automated liquid dispensing system for an aerospace application.

Since then a legacy of innovation and a solid reputation for producing high quality, durable products such as the 3800, XyflexPro+, FX-D and the latest platform, Prodigy, has in turn enabled our customers to maintain the high standards demanded by the electronics industry. Continued development around dispensing technology ensures, Camalot remains one of the world leaders in the dispensing field. Thousands of systems have been sold worldwide in their 30 years of operation, a high standard of after sales service and support ensures optimal machine utilization and guaranteed performance.