VT-S1080 AOI


Next generation 3D AOI

The VT-S1080 is the world’s most advanced 3D AOI system, designed for maximum System Performance and High-Quality Productivity. Designed for flexible manufacturing, saving manpower with innovative AI Programming.

  • First Pass Yield efficiency up to 99%
  • Industry-first MDMC Illumination: 3D imaging from all angles enables accurate inspection of complicated solder shapes
  • Elimination of Shadow and Secondary Reflection with 4-Direction MPS Projectors
  • Realization of Solder Wetting Direction directly relating to IPC Standards
  • Innovative AI tools that support skill-less labor-saving tuning
  • Full 3D compliance to IPC – based inspection
  • Advanced angle-view inspection of hidden solder joints
  • Developed with I4.0 in mind for advanced Machine to Machine communication
  • Multi-lateral system monitoring and Predictive Maintenance for 100%, utilization for Production
  • Global Library to maintain the same quality standard of manufacturing in all global sites
  • High reliability OCR / OCV image detection
  • Unique Single Hardware across all S10 Series Platform
  • Prepared for the next-generation hardware, camera/GPU/PC for higher detectability/speed capability

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AI-assisted qualitative inspection conforming to international standards

Since values conforming to the standards are directly applied as inspection criteria, there is no dependency on the skill and expertise of the programmer.

AI technology to minimize programming and visual inspection efforts

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1. AI self-optimization

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2. Automatically acquire defect images for analysis and visualization of result data separation for AI-assisted defect determination

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3. Visualization of the AI-determined settings

High-precision solder shape reconstruction

Equipped with our unique MDMC (Multi Direction/Multi Color) illumination and new MPS (Micro Phase Patented Shift) moiré technique. This enables higher robust and reliable inspection performance.

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M2M*1 system focusing on quality


1. Preventing defects by:

  • monitoring and reporting fluctuations in the measured values during production
  • visualizing defect trends associated with chip mounter hardware such as heads and nozzles

2. Visualizing the quality by:

  • process comparison
  • displaying production status
  • linking SPI/AOI/AXI systems

3. Improving the first pass yield rate of the line by automatically calculating post-print/post-placement inspection criteria based on the    inspection results after the solder reflow process


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*1. Abbreviation of machine-to-machine. It is a mechanism to optimize the quality and equipment operation status without human intervention, made possible by enabling autonomous communication and exchange of information between various connected, production equipment.


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