Viscom X7056RS X-Ray and Optical inspection

  • In-Line X-ray and
  • Optical Inspection for
  • Electronic Assemblies
  • With XM 3D & FPD!

Product Description

  • Optical and simultaneous 2D, 2.5D and 3D X-ray inspection
  • Simultaneous optical and X-ray inspection
  • 3D X-ray inspection with resolutions from 5 up to 20 μm per pixel
  • High performance, tomosynthesisbased 3D X-ray back calculation
  • Optical inspection with up to 8 μm resolution
  • Short handling time
  • Compact housing dimensions:
    • only 1.3 m (X7056RS)
    • or 1.7 m (X7056RL) wide
  • Worldwide competent service:
    • on site, hotline and remote support
  • Customer support section on Viscom‘s website
  • Reduce false alarms with AXI OnDemandHR

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